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The Loiterer—A Newsletter
We speak of them as they were
Male Voices in Praise of Jane Austen

Edited by Sophia Sentiment

Volume 2 Number 9
September 2003
Anniversary Issue
[keywords: table of contents,
possession, a.s. byatt, jennifer ehle, jeremy northam, gwyneth paltrow, english professors, earon eckhart, ball busting, lesbian, poets, pride and prejudice, emma, romantic chemistry, emma all stars, kate beckensale, sophie thompson, donald eccles, samantha morton, brittany murphy, enigma, cryptanalysts, kittyhawk, wright brothers, windtunnels, propeller, anna lefroy, the loiterer, jasna news, jane austen in chawton, memorial service, twain and austen, richard poirier, final comments, louisiana purchase]
Volume 2 Number 8
August 2003
[keywords: table of contents,
winchester-chawton conference—July 2003, chawton great house, chawton house library, sandy lerner, persuasion, landaulette, anne elliot, wentworth, west downs student centre, winchester school of art, new orleans, shakespeare room, janet todd, 1940 pride and prejudice, chawton cottage, centre for women writers, brian southam, marilyn butler, great house, coach house, st nicholas church, winchester guild hall, university of southampton, robert mack, charles grandison, jocelyn harris, the loiterer, marietta holley, the female mark twain, fanny fern, jennie batchelor, cora kaplan, twain on jane, pride and prejudice, roughing it, similarity of style, similarity of humor, the plague and I, betty macdonald, the egg and I, early tuberculosis treatment, final comments]
Volume 2 Number 7
July 2003
[keywords: table of contents,
winchester-chawton conference update,
lady austen by romney, george romney,
reply on charlotte bronte, charlotte bronte's biographical notice, anne bronte, a word to the elect, emily bronte, wuthering heights, tenant of wildfell hall, mark twain on the treatment of women, jane austen's detractors, farm workers, laborers, europe & india, following the equator, reply on fanny price & jane eyre, charlotte bronte & jane austen, domestic violence, cruelty, anti-semitism, landscape, the fall of japan, william craig, world war II, potato in world history, peru, dear julie, ..., mud wrestling for heroines, dear ashton, ..., neo-conservatives, abortion, gun control, republicans, southerners, affirmative action, clinton, bush, french revolution, chatsworth exhibit, paintings, twain on austen, alan gribben, mark twain's library, hartford, religion, final comments]
Volume 2 Number 6
June 2003
[keywords: table of contents,
biographical notice of ellis & acton bell (bronte), contemporary criticism, snobbery, charlotte bronte & jane austen, fanny price & jane eyre, domestic violence, clergymen, girls' schools, anti-semitism, bree's charade, response to linden & linda, mutiny on the bounty, cassandra austen, neo-conservative, new left, red guard, cultural revolution, coded racism, democrats and republicans, african-americans, al-qaeda, 9-11, constitution, jefferson & monroe, louisiana purchase, napoleon, french revolution, french estates general, bourgeoisie, macauley, history of england, english reformation, emma, eltons, links & final comments]
Volume 2 Number 5
May 2003
Wollstonecraft Day
[keywords: Fifth Annual Mary Wollstonecraft Day, Table of Contents,
sophia's settee, chirac and schroeder: splitsville?, donald rumsfeld, "baghdad sean" penn, tony blair, kofi annan, viagra, volkert van der graaf, mounir al-motassadek, colin powell, honorary white people, afghans, al qaeda, sars, ethiopia & eritrea, conspiracies in the time of mary wollstonecraft, henry tilney, bush administration, neo-conservative, french revolution, janite conspiracy, war & conspiracy, khartoum, "the gilded age", louisiana purchase, feminism, men are pigs, women writers, "my baby needs a shepherd", lori ann piestewa, jessica lynch, shoshana johnson, emmylou harris, damage not called "collateral", iraq, presidential election, green party, ducks, young men, masculinity, war not masculine, orchard or a virgin forest?, advice for people of iraq, george washington, union, rule of law, factions, religion and morality, education, justice and peace and harmony]
Volume 2 Number 4
April 2003
[keywords: mary wollstonecraft day, lisa sanderson, men who read JA, julie grassi, "jane austen and the theatre", australia, paula byrne, bree's charade, women's writing in britain 1660-1830, lord david cecil, "a portrait of jane austen", jane austen's shyness, georgian/regency is not the victorian, at ease with the world she was born into, jane austen's family life, Persuasion and lost love, sidmouth, tom lefroy, jane austen's good looks and temperment, passion, comedian or serious? overly reserved? fanny price, Mansfield Park, prayer]
Volume 2 Number 3
March 2003
[keywords: mary wollstonecraft day, 1918 flu, band of brothers, harry potter, grammies, edmund burke, emma woodhouse, elizabeth bennet, women, politics, & the novel, claudia johnson, mrs. croft, jane austen's brothers, the loiterer, sophia sentiment, claire tomalin, mare's nest, princeton, assertiveness, persuasion, anne elliot, captain wentworth, love, woman's love for a man, wife's love for a husband, park honan, polya, american women, cultural context]
Volume 2 Number 2
February 2003
[keywords: pandaemonium, wives and daughters, mrs. gaskell, justine waddell, confusing regency with the victorian, sheryl crow, samantha morton, harriet smith, emma, george III, italian, germans in england, yankee doodle, napoleon, waterloo, hinge factor, women & politics & the novel, claudia johnson, northanger abbey, mrs. croft, talking to jane austen, polya, exploitation of jane austen, exploitation of holocaust, dark hole of british history, jane austen's brothers, the loiterer, sophia sentiment, wordsworth, coleridge, opium, kubla khan, gothic, mark twain, black hole of calcutta, pride and prurience, tomalin, The Field magazine]
Volume 2 Number 1
January 2003
[keywords: india & beauty, sari, brown complexion, mark twain, twain and austen, following the equator, vicker of wakefield, caro sposo & Emma, mrs. elton, emma, handel, rinaldo, italian music & Persuasion, handel, mozart, jane austen's time, german, german culture, castrati, castrato, persuasion, anne elliot, wentworth, artemis fowl, claudia johnson & gideon polya, jane austen and the black hole of british history, edmund burke, warren hastings]

Volume 1 Number 4
December 2002
[keywords: maria edgeworth, coteries, sheryl crow, mississippi, mark twain, following the equator, india, thugee, thugs, serial murders, drownings, livie twain, larry gonick, cartoons, harry potter, chamber of secrets, sorcerer's stone, cousin elizabeth, jane austen as nuisance, profanity, southern women, drew gilpin faust, medical items, mark twain to mrs. fairbanks, laudanum]
Volume 1 Number 3
November 2002
[keywords: whigs, tories, mark twain, insane twain, joan of arc, rudyard kipling, twain's marriage, princess charlotte, marianne dashwood, vigee le brun, james edward austen, conference on women's writing, prince of wales, george iv]
Volume 1 Number 2
October 2002
[keywords: halperin, m.m. kaye, shadow of the moon, mark twain, following the equator, humor, laws, australia, kanaka, jane austen's time, lewis and clark, captain cook, darwin, wilberforce, princess caroline, princess of wales, george iv, tom jones, the four feathers, caroline austen, henry fielding, regency books, priestley, jonathan edwards, fanny fern, tom lefroy, passion, sepoy rebellion]
Volume 1 Number 1
September 2002
[keywords: first edition p&p, mr. kipling's army, indian mutiny, dogerel, life and times, french revolution, william smith, geology, evolution, religion, thomas hughes, tom brown's schooldays, christian socialism, patrick o'brian, william wilberforce, christianity, rev. sydney smith, mrs. elizabeth fry, the female spectator, chawton house library]

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