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Fall 2000

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Clergyman's Daughter

Smoky, winter's night,
Stars up in the sky,
I see the sailing boat
Across the bay go by.
You could sense my mood
Hanging on the street.
And then I turn my head
At your approaching feet.
Moonlight on the water,
Clergyman's daughter
Looking into my room
With her golden loom.

First we wash our feet
In the immortal shrine.
And then our shadows meet,
And then we drink the wine.
I glimpse the amber cross,
Then I touch your face.
And then the tears roll down.
What a bitter taste!
You can take me away
To a summer's day,
When the wild flowers bloom,
With your golden loom.

I walk across the bridge
In the dismal light,
Where the centuries are stretched
Between the gates of night.
I see your trembling light
On down our Sidmouth trail.
And then I kiss your lips
As I lift your veil.
But in the end, all
I seem to recall
Is a scent of perfume,
And your golden loom.

Apologies to
Bob Dylan

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This web site was introduced on December 16th, 1997 because that was the 222nd anniversary of Jane Austen's birth. This date was also the 227th anniversary of the birth of Ludwig van Beethoven.


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