A Jane-Austen Films, All-Star Team
The Emma, Film-Actors Select Team
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The Official Ballot is no longer active

May I suggest that you vote for that actor, in each category, that best interpreted Jane Austen's intent. Vote for the person who worked hardest to preserve Jane Austen's vision—or not—vote for the hotties if you prefer. (If you are bent that way, then allow me to recommend Samantha Morton, Olivia Williams, and Greta Scacchi.) Fairness is our first object, and when we say "fairness", we think of "freedom". So, feel free to vote as many times as you like.

This election actually has rules! Here is the link to those. And, here is a link to the election results to date.

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Candidate Films
Gwyneth Paltrow


Kate Beckensale Emma-95 Doran Godwin


In the role of Emma Woodhouse, I vote for

Gwyneth Paltrow Kate Beckensale Doran Godwin Alicia Silverstone

In the role of Mr. Knightley, I vote for

Jeremy Northam Mark Strong John Carson Paul Rudd

In the role of Jane Fairfax, I vote for

Polly Walker Olivia Williams Ania Marson (not represented)

In the role of Harriet Smith, I vote for

Toni Collette Samantha Morton Debbie Bowen Brittany Murphy

In the role of Mrs. Weston, I vote for

Greta Scacchi Samantha Bond Ellen Dryden Wallace Shawn

In the role of Mr. Woodhouse, I vote for

Denys Hawthorne Bernard Hepton Donald Eccles Dan Hedaya

In the role of Frank Churchill, I vote for

Ewan McGregor Raymond Coulthard Robert East Justin Walker

In the role of Miss Bates, I vote for

Sophie Thompson Prunella Scales Constance Chapman Aida Linares

In the role of Mr. Elton, I vote for

Alan Cumming Dominic Rowan Timothy Peters Jeremy Sisto

Finally, in the role of Mrs. Elton, I vote for

Juliet Stevenson Lucy Robinson Fiona Walker Elisa Donovan


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Election Results as of September 18, 2003

Emma Woodhouse

Paltrow 164 Beckensale 170 Godwin 10 Silverstone 11

Mr. Knightley

Northam 228 Strong 96 Carson 15 Rudd 11

Jane Fairfax

Walker 104 Williams 215 Marson 16 N.A.

Harriet Smith

Collette 69 Morton 173 Bowen 80 Murphy 17

Mrs. Weston

Scacchi 203 Bond 114 Dryden 12 Shawn 3

Mr. Woodhouse

Hawthorne 91 Hepton 111 Eccles 109 Hedaya 15

Frank Churchill

McGregor 86 Coulthard 220 East 15 Walker 10

Miss Bates

Thompson 220 Scales 92 Chapman 15 Linares 7

Mr. Elton

Cumming 178 Rowan 115 Peters 28 Sisto 13

Mrs. Elton

Stevenson 239 Robinson 57 Walker 35 Donovan 6

Total Votes for Production

1996: 1582 1995: 1363 1972: 335 Clueless: 93

Election Rules

Winners will be declared after 500 ballots have been submitted or on July 4, 2010, whichever comes first. The ballots are counted at the end of each day and the tallies are added to the "Election Results" within twenty-four hours. I can't promise anything, but I will try very hard to arrange a Celebrity Death-Match between our All-Star team and the Nihilist Tag-Team composed of Patricia Rozema (Captain), Oliver Stone (Team Historian), and Jane Campion (Year-Book Revisions).