Jane Austen & the Wars

Selected Sources

The following is a list of the major sources used in writing this series. Over the years I have read many books and articles on the battles and various aspects of Napoleonic warfare. Likewise, I have read many covering Regency history and social life. Rather than pad the list with a long list of publications, I have limited it to those works which I specifically drew from my shelves, visited a library to reference, or pulled from the Internet.

Primary Sources

The Times. Tues., April 21, 1795; June 16, 1795 (microfilm, Toronto Public Library)

Secondary Sources

Austen-Leigh, William & Richard Arthur (Revised by Le Faye, Deirdre). Jane Austen, a Family Record. (1913/1989)

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_____. “Jane Austen’s Soldier Brother: The Militia Career of Captain Henry Austen of the Oxfordshire Militia, 1793-1801”, Persuasion, 1996.

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Austen, Jane, Letters - Brabourne Edition, Letters of Jane Austen

Sullivan, Maggie, “Wentworth Makes His Bones: The Battle of St. Domingo, Feb. 4, 1806”, www.janeausten.co.uk/magazine.

Phillips, Michael. “Ships of the Old Navy”, found HERE


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