The Loiterer

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We speak of them as they were

Sophia's Comments for the Introduction.


THE LOITERER by James Austen, Henry Austen, et al.


Male Voices in Praise of Jane Austen. – Ashton Dennis' web site.


Jane Austen & the Wars by R. Jason Everett


Part I: 1775 – 1795

Part II: 1796 – 1800

Part III: 1801 – 1803

Part IV: 1803 – 1806

Part V: 1806 – 1807

Part VI: 1807 – 1809

Part VII: 1809 – 1811

Part VIII: 1811 – 1813

Part IX: 1814 – 1817

Part X: Sources


Darcy to Elizabeth: God bless you

This essay is a series of posts by Lisa and Warren from the Pride and Prejudice board at Pemberley that examines Darcy's "God bless you" in his letter to Elizabeth after his first proposal. I will only add that we should all learn to love like that. Darcy's letter is found in Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice Chapter 35.


How Elizabeth feels about....

Because there has been much controversy (um...discussion) about Elizabeth's real feelings for Darcy at Pemberley, Line was inspired to compile a list of quotations concerning this question: “Is Elizabeth secretly in love with Darcy all along, and if not, when *does* she fall in love?” You may check the lists here:

1. Elizabeth's feelings for Wickham and Colonel Fitzwilliam

2. Elizabeth's feelings for Mr. Darcy